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Our Vision at MindCompany Unlimited is to build strategic thinkers through situation-simulation exercises based on innovative game-play.  Our ultimate goal is to serve and empower future leaders and system practitioners.

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How does MindCo work?

At MindCo Unlimited, trainees are exposed to in-situation simulations, to experience team dynamics and engagement on a first-hand basis.  These situations are dynamic and complex.  We utilize chess based innovation game-play as an effective training and learning tool.  The training is practical, engaging and live – focussing on 12 critical THINK-skills for 21st Century significant leaders.

“My ACTIONS are important because actions become HABITS and habits become our CULTURE”

Into the future MindCo

Into the future

There is a global demand for competent and innovative leaders to resolve the major issues of economies and communities.

Our goal is to fill this void with THINK-leaders, specifically trained to resolve problems and serve the greater good.  MindCo, through its proven programme, teaches the skills that are crucial to lead inspired teams.


Benefits MindCo

Benefits of MindCo

There are many benefits to the MindCo Programme which includes:

  • Developing resilience, agile thinking and understanding the unique contributions in a team.
  • Learn to manage risk and change, complexity, conflict, activity and maintaining wellness in means.
  • Understanding Leadership paterns: Leadership is dynamic and flexible.

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MindCo Supports

o   Healthy thinking skills in unknown unknowns

o   Develops the 12 thinking skills leaders need to lead


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